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Deploy applications with a single click

Deploying your applications to the cloud doesn't have to be difficult. With GolemGrid, you can deploy your applications with a single click. No technical knowledge required.

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Focus on your code, not the infrastructure.

GolemGrid streamlines your deployment process with fully automated detection and deployment, saving you valuable time to focus on your software's innovation.

Automatic app detection
Our Automatic App Detection feature eliminates the need for manual setup, as our platform automatically detects and configures your app for seamless deployment. With GolemGrid, deployment has never been easier.
Automated Deployments
Push an update to the projects repository and let GolemGrid deploy the latest release to production, all automatically.
Automatic SSL certificates
Deploy with confidence and security on our platform.. Our platform includes free SSL certificates with every deployment to keep your apps and users safe.
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Wide range of supported applications

GolemGrid's deployment platform supports all types of web applications, from basic static pages to sophisticated web apps.

Easy integration with React
Seamlessly integrate your React apps with our platform for quick and efficient deployment.
Vue.js support
Deploy your Vue.js projects with bg-primary/20 using our platform's extensive support for Vue.js.


Simple, transparent pricing

Start building for free, then add a site plan to go live. Account plans unlock additional features.


All the basics for starting a new business


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  • 100.000 requests monthly
  • 15 projects


All the basics for starting a new business

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  • 300.000 requests monthly
  • Unlimited projects
  • Connect organizational repositories


All the basics for starting a new business

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